THE RUNWAY: Lolade & Folarin – With love from Italy!

Hotel 3 (welcome gifts)

With the wedding season at hand… We caught up with honeymooners Lolade & Folarin on their take and tips on Italy.

Enjoy and be Inspired!


Meet the couple

We are a young couple that work in banking and consulting. Folarin loves watching sports and Lolade is an avid reader. Despite our different interests, one passion we do have in common is a love of travel and we try to indulge as much as we can!


Where did you go on your honeymoon and why did you choose that destination (s)?

We did not have time to take a long honeymoon but we agreed that we needed to get away after the wedding regardless. So we decided to on a mini-moon. Folarin was tasked with finding a suitable destination. The aim was to find a romantic and peaceful short haul destination with good weather in October. We had visited Italy for a wedding and enjoyed it so it was top of the list. Folarin chose Amalfi Coast and Sorrento in a last minute panic which worked out well- 3 boutique hotels in 6 days. We are still hoping to take that ‘maxi-moon’ in Southeast Asia.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

What was your highlight of the honeymoon? Him/Her

Folarin: Exploring Ravello. The views from the main square were spectacular. There was a street band playing samba (in Italy?) and the sun was shining and the love of my life was by my side – it was just magical.

Lola: Our stay at our first hotel – a converted monastery. The hotel was beautifully designed for comfort and simple luxury with a lot of the original monastery fittings. The staff were so accommodating and welcoming that it always felt like we were coming back home. The gardens, the food….I could keep going on about this gem of a place in the world.

Hotel 1 (Amalfi) v2

Hotel 1 – Amalfi Coast, Italy

What one item could you not survive without at the destination? Him/Her

Folarin: My camera. It’s an awesome compact that takes amazing shots for even a learner!

Lolade: My sunglasses. Allowing me to take in the lush views in blinding sun filled days (despite the fact it was October!). Few items make you feel more Italian and confident about throwing out ‘Ciaos’ and ‘Grazies’ like confetti.

Hotel 1 (Amalfi)

The view… Hotel 1 – Amalfi Coast, Italy

One thing that surprised you both about the destination?

The sheer beauty of it all. We have said it a few times now- it was breathtakingly beautiful.


Were you adventurous when it came to the local cuisine? Him/Her

Not very difficult in Italy but Yes. We’re both not huge fans of fish but found ourselves tucking into A LOT of seafood! It was fresh and delicious- it only seemed right to break our habit.


One thing you both wish you had done at the destination that you didn’t get to do?

So…we got chatting to a couple staying at one of our hotels. They found out we had just gotten married and insisted on buying on drinks leading to a very entertaining evening. It turned out the gentleman was a partner in a top firm in Asia and was actually on holiday after a record breaking deal. Anyway he invited us to join him and his friend on their yatch headed to Capri the next day. Despite dreams of Jackie O and old Hollywood glamour shenanigans we had to politely decline – we still do not quite know why we declined! Towns missed out on but not forgotten were also Positano, Ischia and Pompeiiwe will be heading back for sure.


Capri, Italy

What is usually your favourite thing to do on holiday? Him/Her (If different, how did you make it work on the trip?)

Lolade: I love to explore the cultural sites. I once spent a weekend in Madrid walking around for almost 20 hours- I came back shattered!

Folarin: I like to relax.

We learnt that we just have to compromise– spend half the day walking and the other half on a beach/café/hotel pool. Any militant exploring is left to trips with like-minded friends.

Hotel 2 (Sorrento)

Hotel 2 – Sorrento, Italy

Did you have any funny/unusual/horrible experiences while on the trip?

At the final hotel there was a wedding going on. As we walked out we bumped into the lucky couple and believe it or not the bride was wearing MY wedding dress! I literally started screaming and then when she understood what I was saying she started screaming and we were hugging each other like old friends. The husbands just kind of looked on slightly bemused and stunned as we girls admired each other’s taste. She looked amazing of course- it’s a stunning dress!

Hotel 3 Sorrento

Hotel 3 – Sorrento, Italy

Best travel tip to other people looking to travel on honeymoon and/or to the specific honeymoon/holiday destination?

Research but keep the plan flexible. We are both foodies and random people kept recommending a restaurant called Il Buco, Sorrento. Beautiful food and wine- quintessential Italy!

Amalfi Coast 2

Amalfi Coast, Italy


**Photo Credit – The Couple Lolade & Folarin

Thank you for sharing your beautiful honeymoon in the Amalfi coast and Sorrento with us! Wishing you a blissful marriage ahead!

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  1. Ayo says:

    Wow! These guys are super amazing! Lovely pictures and I can’t wait to get married and go on such luxury adventure ; ) The babe fine sha…nice one Folarin.

  2. Trulytouched says:

    Beyond AMazingggggg! When i grow up, i want to travel the world Lolade & Folarin style. Your images are breathtaking and stories heartwarming. Love love love! Wishing you both a whole lot more laughter and joy through your wonderful journey of love.

  3. Joshua says:

    Pictures look amazing and the couple look even more amazing! Definitely on my list of holiday destinations. Congrats Folarin and Lolade.


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