Copenhagen in a day!

Long time no post but I have thoroughly missed writing!!

With time being so scarce for me and hence more precious at the moment, I have had to think of how I could still fit quick Weekender trips into my life. I realised that there were some cities that I could probably explore in one day, First flight in and last flight out….Where there is a will there is a way! Afterall, I can always go back again in future if I really fancy it.

I targeted cities with a good metro line from the airport so I could start exploring as soon as my feet hits the new land 😉

This is how I explored Copenhagen in a day. I took an 8:45 am flight from London and I arrived at 11:45 am.


I headed straight to Nyhavn for a 1-Hour canal cruise. The train was just about 30 minutes from the airport and the ticket was appx £10 which I already bought online but you could also buy one at the port as well. A wonderful 1-hour relaxing cruise getting acquainted with Danish history and culture and a soft and impressive landing into exploring Denmark. It was so worth it!! I also got to see the famous little mermaid statue.


Next stop was Kunsthal Charlottenborg, one of the largest exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Europe as it was right across the street from the canal. The city has many museums so you can choose from around the city center. You could also go to one of the parks or go shopping! Strøget is the main shopping street and is the world’s longest pedestrian shopping street. The choice is yours!


With bicycles everywhere and so tempting, it was so difficult not to rent a bicycle and explore! There were the city bicycles which you could rent for a minimum of 30 minutes and if you are staying longer you could rent a bicycle from a rental shop for a couple of days. I finally gave in and explored the streets and visited a few monuments. The bicycle had a sat nav by the way! How convenient right?!


Next stop on my list…. was the famous amusement park and scenic garden Tivoli . There was lots to do and rides to try. In the end, I settled for watching open-air opera performance while I ate lunch.


The Open faced sandwich, a traditional Danish dish gave me life! It is Rye bread topped with a variety of toppings of your choice, it was so fresh, clean and delicious. Fru Nimb (Mrs Nimb) restaurant in Tivoli made this dish perfectly and with the perfect blend of my vanilla tea, I would certainly go back! Tip: Danish Krones and Euro are the main currencies but I found that DKK was more popular.


I headed back to the airport at about 8 pm and caught the last flight back at 9:45 pm.

Exhausted from exploring but feeling amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this city. The people were nice, the food was awesome and I got to experience and learn about a new culture all in one day!!

Until Next Time! Astalavista baby 🙂


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