Hot Springs near Moshi Tanzania

Kikuletwa Hot Springs in Tanzania – A Beautiful Oasis

Hot Springs near Moshi Tanzania

They say that, “It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness”. Heading to the hot springs, swimsuit neatly packed in my handbag, I thought it would be an easy journey. But with the one and a half hour drive from the Stella Maris Lodge just outside Moshi, Tanzania through the rough and dusty plains of Cheamka village the journey seemed like forever and I would probably have turned back if I had been the only one.

The journey

In the most unassuming place, just out in nature lies the Kikuletwa hot springs in Tanzania. An oasis with scenic, warm, blue, clear water, a spot where you can take some time out and relax.

We were there for close to 4 hours completely relaxed, refreshed and with exfoliated rejuvenated feet from the Garra Rufa Fish in the water, a pleasant surprise!

The destination

I literally forgot about the journey there and it was at that point that I realised that life is a journey and you owe it to yourself to enjoy the ride. Don’t give up halfway because you don’t know the beauty that lies ahead, just within your reach.


Have you ever visited one of these natural hot tubs somewhere around the world?  🙂 

Here are some interesting things about the Kikuletwa Hot Springs: 

Deep middle – The spring is quite deep in middle, and the current is quite strong when you try to swim to the other side so you will need your energy.

Garra Rufa Fish is in the water – These smart little fish are used for pedicures around the world. They work by sucking and nibbling on your skin, tenderly removing dead skin cells through natural exfoliation. So you will emerge with shiny, revitalised feet.

Chips My Eye is served – This delicious dish is comprised of chips fried in eggs and is available to buy there along with some drinks. It was my first time eating it and I loved it.


Crococodile myth – Our local guide casually told me a story about a woman killed by crocodiles when the hot springs were first discovered many many years back. He mentioned that the spring was very safe now though! I obviously don’t know the authenticity of the story but that got my imagination running wild. I eventually had a panicky moment when I began swimming to the other side of the hot spiring which is deep and with a strong current (I don’t know what I was thinking ?!?)

On my way, while holding on to a branch to catch my breath the thought crossed my mind, what if there were crocodiles and I didn’t have the energy to swim back?? I clung to a branch for dear life. I even contemplated screaming for help; luckily my friend was nearby and calmed me down. I swam back and relaxed, safe and sound on the shallow side. No need to be too adventurous, getting there was enough!


“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness”. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca


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  1. Sarah says:

    What a wonderful little paradise you’ve found! I’ve never been to that part of Tanzania, but next time I’m definitely swinging by the Kikuletwa hot springs and getting my feet rejuvenated! 😀


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