TBEX ATHENS 2014! – The Pandrossou Street Market

I loved that the TBEX organizers chose Athens, a city with a wealth of history and culture, often called the historical capital of Europe to hold the 2014 TBEX Europe conference.

As I approached the enormous rectangular white Pentelic marble building of the Megaron, my heart began to race. I wouldn’t know where to start, hundreds of travel bloggers and writers from around the world all meeting in Athens. Exciting but daunting!


It was time for the keynote speech, the CEO of TBEX Rick Calbert and the Mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis gave moving speeches about TBEX and the city of Athens. On how the financial crisis and the subsequent media of the tumult had affected Athens, putting things into perspective and encouraging the attendees to view the city with fresh eyes, setting a good tone to the event.

Right, it was time for my first session, “How to make the most out of TBEX or any event”. A good mix of seminars, I hoped I had chosen well. One hour later, best decision! I had made my first TBEX Blogger friend and also had an informative and wonderful session giving me a boost. This was going to be a fantastic conference!

Now, walking down the colorful and traditional streets of Plaka at the Pandrossou street market with the remarkably diverse group of TBEX attendees marking the end of the conference. I had gained a renewed sense of confidence, inspiration and encouragement from the TBEX conference and Athens had stolen my heart.


The warm and welcoming the people of Athens, had showed us their diverse culture, showered us with gifts from their amazing crafts, incredible food but most of all their love.

I had seen Athens through their eyes and it was going to be difficult to say goodbye.

Thank you TBEX, Thank you Athens! It was astounding!





IMG_6194_FotorIMG_6208_FotorThe lovely lady showing us how to make a traditional Greek pie!




IMG_6182_Fotor IMG_6184_Fotor IMG_6185_Fotor IMG_6187






IMG_6220_FotorWith the charming owner of Kapetanakis a Gold and Silver craft shop since 1972

IMG_6225_Fotor_Fotor2IMG_6226 IMG_6235IMG_6236_Fotor2 IMG_6239_Fotor IMG_6240

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