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 Machu Picchu in Peru

I’m Em and I’m currently based in London where I work full time. With the long working hours I started finding myself bored of the routine and therefore, at the beginning of 2014, I set myself a target of doing something new every week. I wrote a bucket list which included visiting a total of 20 countries and last month I crossed it off.

Why do you travel? 

Because of the freedom, you can just live. It’s eye opening and refreshing. I travel to get away, to discover new places and to meet new people. When you’re out there seeing how big the world is and how much it has to offer, it makes you realise how little importance everyday life stress has. We shouldn’t live in a bubble but instead get out there and explore.


What kind of traveller are you? Holidaymaker, Long term traveller, Backpacker or other

I used to be a holidaymaker, going to one destination and stay there, relaxing in one hotel. Having tried hostels and camping this year, i’ve opened my eyes to other ways of travelling. If I’m on my own, or with an adventurous friend, I would travel backpacker style and stay in hostels. If I’m in a less adventurous spirit I’d treat myself to beautiful hostels all the way (where possible of course). It completely depends on the company I’m with and the location, there’s beauty in all styles of travelling.

Iguazu FallsArgentina_Fotor

Iguazu Falls in Argentina 


How do you provide/cater for yourself financially when travelling?

I save up in advance and gather flight points (for all it’s worth!). When I’m on a holiday I like to have peace of mind financially, so if I don’t have enough saved I simply don’t go. Saving is about compromising, planning ahead and having your priorities straight.That could be either living at home for a while, taking on extra shifts at work and not going out every weekend splurging on drinks, dinner or shopping – which is very easy to do in London. A little less of that allows me to be able to do a bit more travelling. It doesn’t necessarily need to be far away or too expensive. There are so many cheaper travel options nowadays, both in terms of airlines as well as accommodation.


Where was your last trip to? (Was it a Short or Long trip?)

My last trip was for 2.5 weeks in the US. I started off in New York – Las Vegas – San Francisco – Los Angeles. I went all alone for the first time!



What was your highlight of the trip?

Las Vegas, purely because I didn’t think that I would be able to go to a city like that alone and have a good time but it’s all about the attitude. When you’re smiling, the world smiles back at you and Vegas is nothing but a happy place!

Las Vegas_Fotor

Las Vegas, USA


What travel tip would you like to share about your last trip?

Try traveling alone. You could end up loving it or you could end up hating it. Either way it’s about breaking out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. Get to love your own company.

Bottom of the Grand Canyon_Fotor

Bottom of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA 


What advice would you give to other people looking to travel?

Just do it! Often times we make excuses but if we want something bad enough we should make it happen.

Also, don’t plan too much. The best places and the best people you meet will be when you least except it, go with the flow. Stay away from tourist traps and mingle with the locals because they know best – who knows what local secrets they have in store?

Lastly, going back to my previous point, if nobody can travel with you it is worth considering going alone.

This year was a great time for me to travel whereas none of my friends could. Next year all of my friends may very well be free but who knows, the timing may just not be great for me? If it feels right and you want to do it, again, just do it.

Eduardo VII ParkLisbonPortugal

Eduardo VII Park, Lisbon. Portugal


Where would you like to go/see next?

Bali – there is something about that place that I’m drawn to. I’m very spiritual so the mix of paradise, partying and the retreats seems like the perfect combination. It’s time to start saving again.


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