What to pack on a Weekend Trip – Hand luggage only

LuggageSo… you have a weekender trip coming up, you don’t want to forget anything and you want it all in your hand luggage? Read on… Personally, I am one of those people who beats themselves up if I forget one thing!! I always try to pack at least two days in advance, get my items all neatly packed.. my clothes rolled up… you see where I am going with this. But my significant other on the other hand is the opposite, he packs just a few hours before we head to the airport! So for those early packers and last minute packers, man or woman here is a basic checklist for you.


Packing List


  • Passport (I use a durable and fashionable unisex leather passport holder, I bought from Longchamp, you can find it here: http://uk.longchamp.com/small-leather-goods/veau-foulonne/passport-cover-3416021)



  • Visa – If separate from passport


  • 1 Pyjamas
  • 1 Jeans
  • 4 Attires (2 outing outfits/2 Casual outfits) – This depends largely on if you are planning on going out for dinner, parties, clubbing etc.

#WeekenderHQTip – Try to pack items that match so you pack less! Also, travel with re-usable clothes such as jeans and leggings so you pack lighter.

  • 1 Comfortable shoe – Probably wear these! (I recommend these Adidas comfy honey plimsoles. They are good for walking about! I have used them for several of my trips and I have no complaints… I bought navy blue so it goes with most outfits :-). Here is a link: http://www.adidas.co.uk/womens-adria-plimsole-shoes/D67891_530.html)



  • 1 formal/outing shoe
  • 1 Slipper
  • Wear your Fifth outfit to fly in

#WeekenderHQTip: Always wear any heavy items you need such as coats, jeans, hoodies, boots, shoes and belts.


  • 1 Trainers
  • 1 Running top and bottom with socks!
  • 1 Swim wear


  • 5 Panties or 3 Boxer shorts (Always useful having spares!)


  • Camera
  • Adaptors (You will need this if travelling to a different country)
  • Charger for all devices
  • Laptop/Tablet
  • Phone (Don’t forget your mobile phone!!)

#WeekenderHQTip: You may want to contact your mobile phone provider for good deals prior to your trip if you want to roam your mobile phone.



For these, you need to obey the 100ml rule at present with most airports and decant items into small bottles that fit within one plastic bag (which can be sealed) for security.  You can always buy items at duty free or on arrival at your destination. Note that most hotels will give you soap, shampoo etc.

Ladies and Men, you should try and minimise the toiletries and make up you take. If you must take them then use travel size bottles/packets only or buy locally. Toiletries can increase your luggage weight significantly!

Tip : Stuff your toiletries and underwear inside the shoes you  just packed.

Note – Always check with your airline about how many and what size bags you can take on the plane with you.

 Let us know what you think…. Would you add anything or take anything out? Is there anything you wouldn’t travel without?



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