THE RUNWAY: Bee on working full time and travelling!

“The world is too great to just see it from one angle”

Old Man's Cave Fountain Pool in Ohio, USA.


The name’s Bianca but most people will call me Bee. I currently live in London but I am originally from Zambia, where I am heading to in 2 weeks time.

Why do you travel? 

Why not travel? The world is too great to just see it from one angle. Probably something that has been passed down from my mother who used to travel a lot and came back with lovely gifts for my brothers and sisters. So I spent most of my childhood dreaming about faraway places.


What kind of traveller are you? Holidaymaker, Long term traveller, Backpacker or other

When it comes to travel style I am definitely not a backpacker or a long term traveller. Have I dreamt about it? Yes,…the only way I would do it, is if it was luxe all the way! I am no stranger to a bit of camping but trekking around with massive gear on my back, as fun as that may be for others is just not for me. I like variety so quirky places like staying in a yurt, on a boat, a luxury tent maybe, small hotels or “normal” hotels that’s kind of where I would fall. I guess I am a creature of comfort. I leave the adventures to the exploring side of my travels and not so much where I lay my head. Although my travel to Zambia, Botswana and Namibia will be a combination of what I have mentioned.


What do you love most about travelling?

As much as you can read about a certain place having been discovered but such and such person. I don’t think anyone can every really claim to have discovered something that was already there with people already living there for 1000s of years. It’s almost as if a lot of stories have already been told, so for me is about connecting with local people living in the places I visit. Even on short visits I want to see something that not every tourist takes the time to see. I want to mingle with residents not in a stalke-ish way, but check out the cafes or restaurants they eat at or those quiet places they hide out from the tourist just to chill out. That’s where I want to go. I can still delight in the tourist sights but that’s not really why I travel…

Hong Kong -  Kowloon shopping district

Hong Kong –  Kowloon shopping district


How do you provide/cater for yourself financially when travelling?

I work full time and only have 25 days holiday a year, plus there are bank holidays! I save up and make the most of those bank holidays to extend my 25 days. I normally know the plans for big trips before hand so I can keep in mind how that trip is going to be paid for and how long I want to go for or can afford to go for. So next year for definite I know that Moscow and Israel where I was at the beginning of the year will be on the cards. The rest of the other trips I will take will be on my wanderlust list but not concrete. I don’t believe that you have to be rich to travel. There are cheap coaches, budget airlines, cheaper accommodation. All you need is time to plan your next getaway without blowing your life savings. I also don’t think you need to quit your job to see the world because you can certainly start by exploring your own neighbourhood first.

Azure Window on Gozo Island In Malta

Azure Window on Gozo Island In Malta


Where was your last trip to? (Was it a Short or Long trip?)

Out of the UK the last one was Israel for Easter and within UK, my last trip was to Edinburgh a month ago, this was weekend trip and fairly short so we opted for a more scenic route. Instead of flying there, we took the train which lead me to discover a little town called Berwick on Sea. I want to see this place when summer returns to the UK (It couldn’t make it this year as it also need a vacation as well). Berwick, has a really beautiful coastline and endless crowd-free beaches which am sure are just stunning when sun-kissed.

Holyrood Castle Edinburgh (7)Holyrood Castle Edinburgh


Edinburgh Castle Princess Street (23)Edinburgh Castle Princess Street 


Edinburgh Castle Princess Street (29)Edinburgh Castle Princess Street 


What was your highlight of the trip?

Checking out the Secret Garden in the Royal Mile. I’d head about the restaurant for a while and couldn’t wait to eat in it. You can read about my experience there here


What travel tip would you like to share about your last trip?

Other than to just visit Edinburgh if you haven’t already done so? There is so much Scottish history to soak up and so many places to take in the views such as from the top of Scott Monument, or Carlton’s Hill or perhaps taking in the city views from an extinct Volcano where Arthur’s seat lies. You can also escape the crowds and head to Princess Street Garden and chill out by Ross Fountain under the watchful eye of Edinburgh castle towering mightily above.


What advice would you give to other people looking to travel?

First of all people tend to fear travelling on their own because they fear they will be raped, killed or robbed in a foreign country. So if you can get to work, travel to see your friends across town or moved to a new city for a job or university in your country, then you can certainly travel alone in most countries. With that all cleared up, don’t wait to have someone to travel with before you even think about travelling. Yes its great to have another person to share the experience with but it’s just as fun exploring a new city on your own. So don’t let that hold you back from getting out there. Being able to visit that gallery or museum you know a travel companion may not want to see – there is a sense of freedom about solo travel in addition to just being in new surroundings.

Travel also doesn’t have to be expensive. What I have found is that sometimes(mostly actually), its more expensive for me to explore parts of the UK than it is for me to say go to Austria or Poland. So get out there and either explore your nearby cities in your country or check out the many cheap destinations out there. There are plenty of beautiful hostels, BnB, Airbnb, hotels out there for every budget or you could try coachsurfing (if that’s your cup of tea).

Haifa - Israel -View of Coastline  from Ba'Hai Gardens

Haifa – Israel -View of Coastline  from Ba’Hai Gardens


Where would you like to go/see next?

I am off to Zambia, Botswana and Namibia in about 2 weeks of me typing these answers but I am already day dreaming of Zanzibar and Malawi as well as Moscow for next year. So next year’s big travels are already in the works but I hope to have euro weekend breaks for a little spontaneity.

Fountain of Four Rivers in Piazza Navona - Rome

Fountain of Four Rivers in Piazza Navona – Rome 


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