Weekend in Alicante, Spain – Suggested Itinerary

Good Morning Alicante!!

So, here is a breakdown of how I spent my time in the lovely city of Alicante!

Day 1

With all weekender trips, I always try to incorporate running or some form of exercise on the Saturday morning. Why?

1) It gives me a chance to view my environment, see around the hotel and have a feel of the culture before setting out for the day.

2) I burn calories in anticipation for my morning breakfast and somehow feel
healthy for the rest of the weekend! However, minimal the calories i burn I still feel healthier!! Lol!

Wearing the Oasics running shoes with gel, I feel unstoppable. The gel is quite comfortable for running and easier to squeeze into a small hand luggage suitcase! 

Running route – Toward the Harbour Down through the beach. See pictures here.


#WeekenderHQTip – Have a proper breakfast ahead of your day’s adventure… A day out isn’t the same when you are hungry and in a strange place!


Itinerary Options

  • Walk or take the Turi Bus tour around Alicante or just lie on sumptuous white beach! I chose lying on the beach and it was wonderful!


  • Have lunch on one of the lovely cafe’s around the beach


  • Go to the Santa Barbara castle in old town Alicante where you can get arguably the best views of Alicante and I can testify to that as I got some breath-taking pictures Of Alicante. I walked to the castle which is only a few minutes away from the beach and there was lots to do with something for everyone, art lovers, children tours etc.


  • Night life – At night, most things happen around through harbour. It is full of life, with lots of restaurants, bars, clubs and even a casino!






# WeekenderHQTip – Spain is known for its Paella. Make sure you try it out ;-). The aroma, the taste… Superb!


# WeekenderHQHearsay – One of the locals mentioned that Sardena which is also by the harbour was one of the best restaurants in Alicante! Didn’t get to visit it on this trip.

After an amazing Paella dinner at the harbour I ended up getting lost on my way to back my hotel after deciding that I could take a “shorter route”. Some advice, it may seem like a good plan at the time taking a shorter route, in a non-English speaking country but it doesn’t pay off!! Stick to what you know. Lol! It took me an extra 45 minutes, to get back to my hotel, after asking 3 locals who bear in mind didn’t speak any English!

Here are my Itinerary options for Day 2.


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