The Ultimate Sunday Brunch at Southern Sun Hotel Ikoyi – Lagos

The Southern Sun Hotel Sunday brunch is a rising star among brunches and buffets in Lagos and has grown in reputation and splendour over the years. They serve a wide variety of foods from around the globe. I was impressed by their choices and some of my favourites were the salads, snails, pancakes, prawns and omelettes! The buffet price is 9,500 Naira.

When you arrive, you are first welcomed with glass of champagne and a choice of juice which is included in the price. (You pay for any other drink)

Then a bowl of assorted pastries is placed on your table and you are free to roam the land. I started off with a bowl of cat fish pepper soup, you have a range of soup to choose from.

Then moved on to the  extensive platter of delicious salads.

Brunch wouldn’t be complete without some freshly made pancakes so I helped myself to some of that too.

And the grill!

There were assorted Nigerian foods including snails, goat meat, Jollof rice, Egusi and much more.

The Sunday Brunch at Southern Sun Hotel Ikoyi – Lagos is absolutely superb and I would definitely visit again soon.

Have you tried it, what did you think? Share using our comment section below.

Address: 47 Alfred Rewane Road Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone no: +234 1 280 5200 / +234 1 280 0630

Our Review

Layout / Ambience – Excellent

Quality of food – Excellent

Value for money- Excellent

Customer Service- Excellent

SCALE : Poor – Didn’t meet up to standard | Good – Is up to standard with areas of improvement  | Excellent – Over and beyond standard

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