THE RUNWAY: Covey in South Africa

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Today’s Runway features Covey, volunteering in South Africa, talking about her travel life, as well as sharing lessons learnt.

Meet Covey

I am Covenant but all my friends call me Covey. I am in my early 20’s and at the moment I am living in England, but not for long. I think the world was intricately created and I can’t wait to explore it.

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What kind of traveller are you? (Holidaymaker, Long term traveller, Backpacker or other):

I don’t yet know how to categorise myself but I can say that I love big cities and exotic destinations. I have just started my journey as a traveller, but one day I woke up with the desire to explore the world.


Where was your most recent trip to?

I travelled to South Africa to volunteer and stayed in Durban. It is a very vibrant city, the Zulu people are very welcoming however being able to communicate in Zulu is essential as everybody speaks Zulu, otherwise you could feel very isolated.

Covey - South Africa 3

What has been the highlight of your travels so far?

Experiencing new cultures and connecting with new people.


What 3 items could you not survive without during your travels?

Hmm that’s a hard one!

A camera to capture the moments,

My laptop to blog my experiences

and lastly a cute bag that stores all my necessities.

What has been the most difficult thing to deal with on your travels so far?

Being away from home and missing special occasions.


How do you cater/provide for yourself financially when travelling?

I try to anticipate how much I will need for each day, create a budget and save towards having enough before travelling but when all fails I make sure I have my bank card and inform the bank where I am travelling to.


Worst, unusual or funny travel experience?

My Funniest experience was being in a township in South Africa, my most recent trip and greeting the locals in Zulu with them expecting that I was a native Zulu, the shock on their faces when I said in Zulu, ‘sorry I don’t understand Zulu’ was priceless.


One life lesson you have learnt through travelling?

I have learnt many but the most prolific has been ‘the ability to dream and to have people that can facilitate and support your dreams is a privilege and not a right.

Covey - South Africa 2

Best travel tip for other people looking to travel?

Buy a world map, pick where you want to go & save towards it. Or just book the damn thing but make trip advisor your best friend because reviews do not tend to lie.

Where next?

Amsterdam for a short stay. New York to experience the Big Apple, Spain to relax and then Nigeria to volunteer.


**Photo Credit – Convenant

Thank you for sharing your travel life with us! 

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