Venice: Why it should be on your Top 5 list of places to visit + Tips!

Venice CanalLet me tell you about Venice….. as you wander around her streets she charms you with every canal, you taste her food and she subtly takes another piece of your heart, and by the time night falls she blows you away with her beauty and then you realise you are in love! but with a city. This city has put Italy in my Top 5 places to visit and this is why.

1. It is extraordinarily stunning!
Every corner and every canal is like a painting. Let me explain, Venice is built on a group of 117 islands formed by 177 canals in a shallow lagoon, connected by over 400 bridges and almost every canal is a potential spot for a photo shoot! Artists sit on street corners and draw, it is that kind of city.

TIP: Be camera ready, and bring your phone or camera for taking pictures, as you will easily find that you may be an inner pro! Or it’s super easy to take great pictures.

Streets of Venice

Gondolas in Venice


2. Delicious Italian Cuisine and extensive wine list
OK, so the Seafood pasta I had is easily the best Pasta, I have ever had and eat I did. You can have gelato for dayzz, paninis, pizzas with local and fresh ingredients. The lagoon surrounding the city abounds with delicious fish and seafood. I hear that Veneto is also one of Italy’s most important wine growing areas, producing world-class wines such as Prosecco.

TIP: Leave your diet plan at home and convince yourself that all the walking will compensate and it probably will.

Pasta in Venice

Gelato in Venice


3. Main modes of transport are by water or on foot
Many of us are only familiar with the usual modes of transport, car, train or bus. In Venice, your main mode of transport is a boat or gondola or walking, your taxi is a water taxi and distance is measured in bridges. Cars are in fact banned in the city, making it Europe’s largest urban car-free area.

TIP: take walking shoes and don’t be afraid to let yourself go. Wander through the San Polo and Dorsodouro neighbourhoods and get lost in the city, in the moment.

Venice city

Venice Water Transport

4. Jump on a short ferryboat ride and ….
End up in one of the most colourful and beautiful islands you have possibly ever seen: Burano. These guys aren’t kidding! You can probably find every colour you know on a house there. 
TIP: Put the 3 Island tour on your list (Murano, Burano, Torcelo).

Burano village

5. Feel like a movie star
Venice looks like a huge movie set. Many films were shot in this city including James Bond’s From Russia With Love, Moonraker and Casino Royale. The original 1969’s version of The Italian Job and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade too! George Clooney also got married in the seven-star Aman Canal Grand hotel in Venice in 2014.

Lola in Venice

People in a Gondola

6. Rich Culture
Venice’s rich architectural, artistic, and musical heritage is simple awesome. The people also came across as nice and friendly. Venice is the birthplace or home of several famous and talented people, like the adventurer Marco Polo, architect Andrea Palladio and author Casanova who left monuments, museums and concerts in their names. The yearly Carnival in Venice is a splendid and colourful celebration held for eight days in January (or February), one to attend at least once.

TIP: Try to visit the city during the off peak periods because the city can get crowded with tourists.

Venice Opera

Venice City 2

7. Watch the night fall over the city…
and feel yourself fall in love with the city again and again.

Nightfall in Venice

So, have I convinced you? Did you ever go to Venice, Italy? What was your experience, did you fall in love with it or were you disappointed with it?

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