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7 things you probably didn’t know about the Eiffel Tower

The last time I was in dreamy Paris, I took some time to admire and capture some stunning pictures the Eiffel tower by day and night. Something I have been meaning to do for a while. This tower has grown over the years to become an iconic landmark for France, but it wasn’t always so. […]

The Future Awards Africa 2015 – A dose of Inspiration for the year ahead!

I had the great pleasure of attending this year’s Future Awards Africa held at the Intercontinental hotel in Lagos on Sunday the 6th of December. An Award’s to celebrate young people in Africa who have made laudable and outstanding achievements in the year. I must say, reading through the profiles of the nominees for each […]

Christmas Lights in Lagos are up! Photos + Video

As a Lagos newbie, aside from the usual gist of the wedding frenzy in December and the “I just got back’s” on holiday in Lagos I haven’t been sure of what to expect this December. In London, my usual expectation at this time of the year would be waiting for the lights on Oxford circus […]

Exploring Lekki Conservation Centre with Active Tourism!

The Lekki Conservation centre is a nature reserve in Lagos, an initiative developed with the core purpose of conserving and protecting the habitat the southwestern coastal part of Nigeria .  I visited the stunning LCC as part of an Active Tourism Nigeria event, a fusion between Fitness and Tourism, one I thoroughly enjoyed! It kicked […]

For the love of Coffee! – Babu Coffee plantation in Tanzania

The Chagga people of Moshi in Tanzania are well known for their Arabica coffee. All around the town, and on the slopes of the famous Mountain Kilimanjaro lies vast plantations of coffee. With Tanzania being one of the largest coffee exporting countries in the world, a visit to a one of the nearby coffee plantations […]

How to Photobomb – Salzburg Style (with Pictures)

I recently visited the picturesque city of Salzburg in Austria on an exceptional road trip from Germany to Austria. While Salzburg is famous for being the birthplace of renowned composer Mozart and setting for the musical play and film The Sound of Music, my most memorable experience of this beautiful city would have to be the photobombers […]

Blood moon – Total Lunar Eclipse on September 28th!

Sunsets are lovely and so are blood moons but they are less frequent so make a date with the Total Lunar Eclipse aka Blood moon on September 28th, 2015. A Total Lunar Eclipse happens when the Sun, Earth and Moon form a straight line making the moon appear to have a deep red glow hence the […]

THE RUNWAY – Santorini in September with Bili !

For a September getaway as a couple, Santorini Island in Greece was our chosen destination… we wanted a destination which was peaceful and beautiful with some sunshine in September and Santorini being just a couple of hours away from London made it easier for it to be our chosen location.  Santorini, the prized jewel of […]