THE RUNWAY – 72 hours in Mykonos with Efua!

Efua and friend selfie


Today’s Runway features Efua 

and her trip highlights to the beautiful Island of Mykonos, Greece


Efua decided to make the Island of Mykonos a last minute addition to her trip to Athens, Greece a decision that she definitely did not regret and one she will never forget!


Why did you decide to travel to Mykonos?

We chose Mykonos for its beautiful beaches, culture and history. Being an organized person who likes to get the most of my vacations, I had done my research carefully and selected a serene, quiet area of the island which at the same time was not too far from the port and town centre; Our hotel Akti Irini fit the bill perfectly.


Upon arrival…

We arrived on the picturesque Grecian island by ferry from Athens and got picked up by our hotel Akti Irini. The shuttle ride took only 5 minutes due to the convenient location of the hotel.

The family owned hotel is situated in the Tourolos area about a kilometre from the Old Port and the town centre. The hotel is also perfectly nestled within the Mykonian hills and overlooks the deep blue Aegean Sea and  the views from the infinity pool were stunning. We must have taken about 100 pictures as soon as we landed!


Akti Irini hotel


Did your research match your expectations?

We didn’t even get round to dropping our bags in the room and started a photography and selfie marathon.

Greek Hospitality was at its best in Mykonos and the Greeks really do know how to make a guest feel special. From the great customer service, to the high quality of food, we were really taken care of and felt like royalty. Most Greeks speak very good English so communication was not an issue during our entire trip there. 

On our second day, we walked over to Agios San Stefanos Beach which is a small beach located in a quiet bay. The beach is not as touristy like some of the other beaches in Mykonos and had a very private feel to it. Also, the bay is quite caved in some parts of the beach felt like a big swimming pool which was relaxing to swim in.

stefanos beach 2


stefanos beach 3



What were your most memorable parts of the experience?

The sunset at Agios San Stefanos beach is probably one of my highlights of this trip and I cannot even find the words to describe it.


stefanos beach sunset


I also witnessed some kids stumble across an octopus and they gave it to their father who proceeded to kill it right in front of me. I guess that was their dinner that night.

We also met a Ghanaian couple on the beach who were on the island for their sons wedding to a Greek woman. We thought about crashing the wedding but we were enjoying the beach too much so continued with our lounging and sunbathing 🙂

There are many shops and restaurants on Agios San Stefanos Beach and we enjoyed some delicious Greek mousakka and chicken souvlaki  – the Greeks are very generous with their portions!


greek moussaka 2

**Greek Mousakka

Chicken Souvlaki Skewers

**Chicken Souvlaki

We had only three days in Mykonos and intended to make it a relaxing trip so most of our time was spent lounging on the beach and by the pool side. 

Any tips for getting around Mykonos?

Getting around Mykonos is quite easy by foot or you can take one of the many sea shuttles which connect various parts of the island with each other. I did spend a few hours in the town centre to get a feel of the Mykonian culture.

The best way to see the landscape of Mykonos is probably when the ferry is nearing the island or by one of these lovely sea shuttles. The town centre was busy but not as busy as it would have been if we had visited earlier in the summer.

mykonos shuttle



mykonos town centre 2


Any helpful advice for future travellers?

I would definitely recommend Mykonos to everyone. There is something for everyone and for all budgets. Hotels range from £30 to £2500 per night and you are almost guaranteed to be a near a beautiful beach.

Hotel sunset


As with most holiday destinations, do your research beforehand and if you require a quiet peaceful holiday like we did, visit at off peak times. Until we meet again Mykonos!

stefanos beach 4


**Photo Credit – Efua

Thank you Efua for sharing your 72 hours in Mykonos with us! 

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